Samsung SM-N7505 Smartphone is Spotted Online

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Samsung SM-N7505The rumor mill didn’t only give us details on the previously unknown and unannounced LG D830. We also get new information about the Samsung SM-N7505, which could be available in two variants; one with a 5.7-inch display and another with the smaller 5.4-inch display.

These devices have been delivered to India for specific testing and evaluation purposes. The phone is priced at $533, which suggests an upper mid-range device. The model number may tell us that the phone is actually a variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note. However, there’s no word whether the N7505 will come with a physical stylus tucked somewhere inside its chassis.

It should be noted that Samsung has brought us quite a few non-commercial, experimental devices and the N7505 could be one of them. Previously, the company unveiled the Samsung Galaxy Round which showcases a curved display. We won’t find the phone on the shelves; but we could surely expect Samsung’s upcoming smartphones equipped with the new innovative display design.

Another prediction is that the Samsung SM N7505 is a phone targeted for specific market, such as India; which is one of the largest emerging markets in the industry.

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