Samsung SGH T699

Samsung SGH-T699 Will Arrive to T-Mobile

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Samsung SGH T699As smartphone technology advances significantly in recent years, the focus in the industry has usually been on bigger touch-based display with onscreen keyboard. But some smartphone users still seek for a handset that features physical keyboard. Recent reports said that that Samsung is set to release a keyboard-equipped SGH-T699 to T-Mobile network. There’s been some speculation previously that a handset that features a full QWERTY physical keyboard will be arriving on the T-Mobile network.

Some news websites have managed to get hold of a leaked image of the upcoming smartphone. We can easily see that the phone features a full QWERTY keyboard, but for the time being other specification details are still rather sketchy. It is known that the phone will have two cameras, a front-facing snapper for video calls, and a 5Mp camera on the back. A small LED notification light is located on the front.

We may have also a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip of an unknown model under the hood and it will be come preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). The Samsung SGH-T699 is very likely a typical mid-range handset that could appeal keyboard-loving consumers.

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