Samsung S Voice For Galaxy SIII

Samsung S Voice for Galaxy SIII is Leaked

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Samsung S Voice For Galaxy SIIIObviously, it is unwise to make a complete conclusion before a leaked software is officially announced and confirmed. But, it looks very clear that the Samsung S Voice is modeled after Apple’s Siri, right down to the microphone icon. The S Voice is integrated into the Android 4.0 OS and it lets you to do many things through voice commands, such as sending messages, setting calendar events, finding out weather forecasts, get answers from Wolfram Alpha and so on. Early tests show that voice recognition is mostly solid, although S Voice seems to have some problem parsing specific names. Just like Siri, S Voice also involves a mechanical female voice. In some ways, it even has similar mannerisms and personality.

However, it seems S Voice isn’t completely attuned towards natural speech like Apple’s virtual assistant solution, for example it doesn’t respond helpfully to vague statements. S Voice also can’t indulge to more esoteric questions such as “What’s the meaning of life?”. Although it not quite as fluid, S Voice could be the closest approximation we get of Apple’s Siri.

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Samsung Galaxy S III S Voice (Siri’s competition)

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