Samsung Rugby Smart Preview

Samsung Rugby Smart Preview

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Samsung Rugby Smart PreviewThe Samsung Rugby Smart is destined only for super-rugged users and Samsung are trying to deliver a highly durable phone that can live up to its name. The first Samsung Rugby was released in 2008 and we needed to wait for a couple of years for a refresh. The Rugby II was launched in 2010 and the phone can simply take a beating. The new Samsung Rugby moves forward to bar or slate style design, from the previous flip design. At this moment, there is still little details revealed, however it is known that the handset carries a WVGA display.

Leaked images show a heavily-ruggedized design, with housing that can take a punishment. It also appears to have a lock for the battery door and a few hardware buttons. Just like many durable smartphones, the Rugby Smart is definitely not a superphone, although details on its exact specs are still scarce. The phone is rumored to run a variant Gingerbread (Android 2.3.5), while the processor is likely a 1GHz single-core CPU, with 1650 mAh battery and 512MB of RAM. Just like other smartphones, it will also have HSPA+ and it may be available for $100 in AT&T network. The phone features 4GB of internal storage and 5Mp rear-facing camera, which are nothing special.

While it is no iPhone 4S or Galaxy Nexus, the Rugby Smart can go to places others can’t. While there’s no confirmation about its release date, analysts are expecting official unveiling in the MWC.

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