Samsung Releases the T9000, an Android-Powered Fridge

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Samsung T9000 Android FridgeFor years, smart appliances have been objects of ridicules among tech buffs. But Samsung intends to end the jokes by releasing a new generation of smart fridge, the Android-based T9000. The refrigerator comes with a 10” touchscreen display and various Android apps including Evernote for creating and managing grocery lists.

The fridge can sync with any Android smartphone and connect to the Internet. Recipes can also be displayed on Evernote to help manage items stored inside the fridge. Epicurious is another useful app that offers recipes from its extensive database based on items available inside the fridge. So if you only have cheese, onions and ground beef; you know what to make.

Unfortunately, users can’t install additional apps from Google Play store, so no Angry Birds while waiting for cookies in the oven. At the bottom of the display, there are icons for updating calendar, viewing AP news, writing memos and others. The interface is easy to use even kids are able to create their own appointments.

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