Samsung Releases Security Fix for Exynos Devices in the US

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Samsung Exynos DevicesSprint and T-Mobile are now rolling out a fix for the security glitch that plagues a number of Exynos-powered devices. The exploit is believed to allow malicious individuals to infiltrate harmful malware to wipe data, steal critical information and even incapacitate a device by bricking it.

T-Mobile already delivered an OTA update for subscribers with Galaxy Note II, which also include additional security enhancements. The 9MB update file should work on any non-rooted device. Likewise, Sprint subscribers with Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch can also download similar update from the carrier.

Samsung has also addressed issues for Galaxy S3 units sold in the United Kingdom, but models released internationally such as Galaxy Note, Note II and S2 remain without patch. It is believed that tablets running Exynos chips are also affected by the bug and users with unpatched devices are advised to install apps only from trusted sources.

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