Samsung Redwood and Melius Smartphones Will Run Tizen OS

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Samsung Smartphones - Melius SmartphonesIt was reported earlier by various sources that Samsung has been preparing the stage for a phone running a different kind of operating system, Tizen.

The Redwood (GT-I8805) and Melius (GT-I8800) will be designated as mid-range and high-end devices, respectively. They are supposedly to come in using a new version of the operating system, specifically the Tizen 2.1 Magnolia. The newest build of Tizen also includes software features we typically see on Samsung’s customized version of Android OS such as the S-Voice. Instead of waking users with the familiar “Hi Galaxy” greeting, it will say “Hi Tizen” instead.

The Samsung Redwood was first seen on leaked PDF files and it seems to be equipped with LTE 4G connectivity. On the other hand, the Samsung Melius will be equipped with only HSPA data connectivity, with discussions slating its commercial arrival on September. Samsung will also introduce an official app store for Tizen devices.

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