Samsung Pocket Duos Review

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Samsung Pocket DuosSamsung Pocket Duos is a dual-SIM smartphone running Gingerbread (Android 2.3.6). At 103 grams, the phone is comparably lightweight, with a moderate thickness of 13mm. Despite its entry-level status, the Galaxy Pocket Duos has relatively solid build quality for a Samsung smartphone. There should be no creaks and squeaks when the handset is gripped firmly.

The 2.8” QVGA will be unable to satisfy any multimedia lover and at 143ppi, text and icons would look terribly jagged. The 1200mAh battery offers 15 hours of GSM-based talk time and 6 hours of continuous 3G connection. The 832MHz Broadcom BCM21553 single-core processor and 3GB of internal storage are adequate for any entry-level smartphone.

On the back, there’s a 2Mp camera capable of recording QVGA clips at 15fps. Switching between SIM cards is easy as users can access them from the notification bar. Even if we are calling with a SIM card, the phone can still switch to another SIM card easily.

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