Samsung Qualcomm Chips

Samsung Plans to Abandon Qualcomm Chips

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Samsung Qualcomm ChipsSamsung decided to remove Qualcomm processor from its product lineup, cutting unnecessary dependency to a rival in the processor manufacturing. Samsung is implementing more of its solution to its own products, although the change in strategy hasn’t been confirmed. Details emerged on Samsung’s new Exynos 5 chipset, a successor to the quad-core Exynos chipset that will be used inside the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Sensibly, any company wants to reduce its dependence on others and Samsung is making significant progress in researching and manufacturing advanced logic-based solutions for high-end mobile devices. It is also working on core communication chips for high-speed wireless data connection and high performance graphic controllers. Although Qualcomm chips are known for their stability and easy upgrades, Samsung execs consider the use of Qualcomm CPU on Samsung’s devices an old story.

The upcoming quad-core Exynos solution (Exynos 4412) is based on four A9 cores that can run between 200MHz and 1.5GHz. It is supported by dual-channel memory controller, 64-bit Neon media engine and four Mali graphic cores. The entire solution is capable of supporting a mobile device with 3D 1080p display.

Beyond the powerful Exynos 4412 chipset, Samsung is developing the Exynos 5 with ARM A15 32nm cores. The new A15 dual-core solution will be paired by even more powerful Mali T-604 GPU. The chipset can support up to 2GHz cores and 1600MHz (64-bit) RAM. A blurry shot on the Exynos 5 was leaked recently, but it can’t be confirmed at this stage. No word on what devices will use the Exynos 5, although future models of Galaxy Tab are good candidates.