Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung May Unveil a New Tablet Along with the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3Everyone is waiting eagerly for the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in London on May 3rd. The current Samsung Galaxy SII is wildly popular and it’s available in many variations. Consequently, perhaps except for the iPhone 5, it’s the most anticipated smartphone this year. During the event, CNET’s sources said, Samsung will unveil a 10.1” tablet, but it might not be the Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1) as its production is being postponed for the integration of a quad core processor. Before the delay, previous rumors said that the tablet will feature a dual-core processor and to be announced on May 3rd.

However, any device, including a new Galaxy Tab device, will easily be overshadowed by the Galaxy S3, so perhaps Samsung should make the event in London a solo affair.

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