Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung May Introduce Smartphone with 3GB of RAM in 2013

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Samsung Galaxy S4Q2 2012 will be filled with numerous high-profile releases, including Apple iPad Mini and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. But this shouldn’t stop us from wondering what’s coming in 2013. It is recently reported that the Korean company is preparing smartphone with a monstrous amount of RAM. The 3GB of RAM used by the unidentified handset will set a new standard in the mobile industry. 3GB of RAM is enormous and we can only guess wildly as to what new capabilities and features require so much memory.

Last month, it was reported that Samsung has produced first 128GB storage chips for future tablets and smartphone. Could a device with 3GB of RAM and 128GB of onboard storage be on the way? Without doubt, the year 2013 will feature handsets packing some serious firepower. Sources from South Korea itself have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled in MWC 2013 and it’s only logical that Samsung will equip it with the best features in its disposal.

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