Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung May Be Preparing a Successor to the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Samsung Galaxy S3Along with the Apple’s iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S2 is definitely a smartphone to watch out for in the upcoming months. With rumors of the Samsung’s upcoming flagship dating all the way back to last year and Samsung’s official statements suggesting the phone is just around the corner, there’s no doubt that it will easily overshadow many lesser devices. While the Korean company is gearing up to take on what other phone makers would throw at it, it may also be preparing for another even more powerful device.

Despite repeated criticisms, the Samsung Galaxy Note received from reviewers and analysts, the phablet has been sold for five million units worldwide. It appears, those tech pundits failed to realize that many consumers want something bigger than contemporary smartphones and smaller than 7” tablets. Samsung regularly releases multiple variants of a single device, with some minor differences on a basic design. It’s quite safe to assume that the Galaxy Note 2 will share some features of the Galaxy S3, such as the Exynos chipset and the Super-AMOLED III display. The original Galaxy Note is already powerful enough and we should have high expectations for its successor. Given the Note was Samsung’s early attempt to combine smartphone and tablet; with Note 2, they should be able to worked out a few kinks.  If the Galaxy S3 finally rolls out this year, we should expect the Galaxy Note 2 to trail around just close by. The Galaxy Note is standing uncontested in the phablet arena, but it wouldn’t be long before other phone makers release their own offerings.