Samsung Mobile Processors Market

Samsung Leads the Multi-Core Mobile Processors Market

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Samsung Mobile Processors MarketWith all the obsessions and rumors about recent as well as upcoming quad-core mobile chipsets, it’s really easy to forget that multi-core mobile devices are relatively new; it was pioneered in 2011 by the LG Optimus 2X. A recent report released by Strategy Analytics concluded that 20 percent of smartphones in the market are dual-core handsets. A year down the road, we may eventually see the number to increase to more than half of units available in the market. It’s also quite interesting to see that Samsung has cornered 60 percent of the mobile multi-core processors share, not major chip manufacturers like Texas Instrument and Qualcomm.

It’s easy to find the reason, besides manufacturing dual-core chips for its mobile handsets, the South Korean company is also delivering dual-core processors for Apple iPhone 4S. Samsung manufacturing plant in Austin and other parts of the world are working hard to send batches after batches of multi-core chips to demanding customers.  The report also revealed that Qualcomm is taking the second place 16 percent market share followed by Texas Instrument and Nvidia.

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