Samsung Knox Could Have Major Security Issue

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Samsung KnoxWith the steady decline of BlackBerry, competitors are scrambling to snatch the share in enterprise market, which is now up for grabs. With the Knox, Samsung seeks to make more than a slight dent in this field. But unfortunately, a new major vulnerability has been discovered in the security software.

Researchers from Israel reported that malicious users could record communications data and tracks emails of their intended targets. In a worst case scenario, this could allow them to modify data and smuggle hostile code to infect a supposedly secure network. Samsung said that the issue has been investigated and claimed that it isn’t as bad as Israeli researchers made it out to be. Samsung argued that these researchers tested a device that has no full-fledged software package for corporate client.

For Samsung, this report came at a particularly wrong time, because the DoD has just bought five hundred units of Samsung Galaxy S4 for testing stage. Pentagon could use them in large number if the smartphone is deemed to sufficiently secure. Samsung introduced the Knox at MWC 2013 as a direct attempt to take on the dominance of BlackBerry OS in the enterprise market. It is also available on the Galaxy Note 3 and can be downloaded to other specific Galaxy models.

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