Samsung Releasing UHS 1 MicroSD Card

Samsung is Releasing High Speed UHS-1 MicroSD Card

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Samsung Releasing UHS 1 MicroSD CardSamsung is debuting a new microSD generation that’s categorized as UHS-1, which is marketed as being more appropriate for powerful LTE devices and demanding mobile applications. The UHS-1 (Ultra High Speed – 1) grade has been previously implemented on high-capacity SD cards, but it failed to show up commercially. Its theoretical sequential maximum speed is 50Mb/s, which can better support very high bitrate mobile applications. Today, UHS-2 is in the works and it is expected to serve up data speed up to 312 MB/s. UHS-1 microSD cards will begin shipping in 16GB capacity and internal Samsung testing shows that it zoomed along at 21MB/s write and 80MB/s read when combined with microcontroller for UHS-1 interface or four times faster than typical class 10 microSD cards.

MicroSD is the most common form of removable storage media for mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. It is used by nearly all phone manufacturers, except for Apple that releases mobile devices based different internal storage capacities as a way to improve profitability. Samsung is pitching high performance mobile storage to match the high speed data transfer of 4G LTE. Originally UHS-1 is intended for high performance tasks as HD video recording to do away with bulky storage options and digital tapes. LTE is a common denominator in the mobile industry and it is the best way to drive these messages home. The full production of the new microSD card has been started last month in Samsung’s NAND fabrication facility in South Korea.

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