Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung is Planning to Release 1080p Panels

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Samsung Galaxy S4We are all expecting that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will make its debut at the Mobile World Congress 2013, with the mass production phase follows immediately afterwards. Lagging behind HTC somewhat, Samsung recently revealed plans for the release of its own 1080p panels, offering 100ppi more than the Apple’s Retina Display technology. The new display will be used on the Galaxy S4, delivering display characteristics roughly similar to the HTC Droid DNA.

The Galaxy S4 would be one if the most expected smartphone in 2013 and it may compete directly with iPhone 5S. But as the “S” version of the iPhone is typically only an incremental upgrade, this would put Apple at a significant disadvantage. The Galaxy S4 would deliver the latest technologies available in the smartphone industry including the powerful Samsung Exynos 5450 processor.

It is expected that display will be about 5-inch in size and this would put the galaxy s4 into the phablet territory. However, users of Galaxy Note II would easily notice some differences, such as the lack of S-Pen.

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