Samsung Launching Mobile Ads ADHub

Samsung is Launching a Mobile Ads Network

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Samsung Launching Mobile Ads ADHubSamsung announced recently that it is working with a digital advertising firm called, OpenX Technologies to establish an advertising exchange where businesses can purchase spaces on mobile application for advertising purposes. This is a closed marketplace and it’s designed to reach highly targeted audience. Advertising within desktop computers is the core business of OpenX Technologies and now through a partnership with Samsung, it is expanding into the mobile industry.

The partnership with OpenX Technologies is a part of Samsung’s long-term strategy to operate an in-house advertising system that can run on its products. Previously, Samsung launched AdHub that works as an advertising medium for its Internet TVs. Through AdHub, businesses can convey their brand through audio and video advertising into your living room through Samsung SmarTV units. Overall, the partnership between Samsung and OpenX Technologies is an attempt to bring AdHub into mobile devices.

Samsung’s advertising exchange looks very similar to Apple’s iAd, which is claimed as the best way for third-party developers to generate sizable amount if revenue. iAd is fully integrated with latest versions of iOS, allowing developers to fully integrate their advertising campaign.

Samsung is pitching a similar solution and the system includes real-time bidding mechanism, which allows advertisers to adjust advertising costs and developers to improve ads revenue. Developers also have more control on what type of ads that can be displayed.

Other than creating a profitable environment for advertisers and developers, Samsung also seeks to make the exchange a reliable source of revenue. However, establishing a successful advertising platform isn’t easy. Apple is currently not happy with the adoption rate of the iAd among developers.

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