Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung is Investigating the Exploding Samsung Galaxy S3 in Ireland

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Samsung Galaxy S3The South Korean phone maker, Samsung is investigating reports that one of its Galaxy S3 units exploded inside a car. An Irish-based user posted comments and photos saying his Galaxy S3 handset blew up while mounted on the car dashboard. The user wrote that there’s still no confirmation that the phone is at fault and the car’s heating system and the mount could contribute to the incident. Samsung has released dozens of smartphone models and there were other reports as well that its handsets were exploding or overheating. For example, Samsung stated recently that a massive external force may cause spare batteries of Samsung Galaxy S2 to explode, which had happened to a Korean schoolboy.

On its official blog, Samsung that it is aware of the issue and they will provide further details once the investigation is complete. As latest smartphones are using more powerful hardware, bigger display and higher battery capacity, heat issues and occasional explosions may become a persistent problem.

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