Samsung 8-Core Mobile Processor

Samsung is Developing an 8-Core Mobile Processor

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Samsung 8-Core Mobile ProcessorProcessors are one of the most rapidly improving components in the mobile industry. It appears, Samsung is getting ready to unveil a new octa-core processor on February 10 next year. Built using 28nm technology, the processor will be organized into two quad-core clusters.

The first cluster with four Cortex A7 cores runs only at 1.2GHz to conserve power and during high-utilization periods, the second cluster with four Cortex A15 cores running at 1.8GHz would be activated. The new SoC is an early form of big.LITTLE computing design that delivers immense performance without hurting battery life.

Cortex A7 is outdated for today’s standards, but clocked at 1.2GHz and grouped in four cores, it should be enough for basic tasks, such as messaging and email management. It is not clear when the big.LITTLE SoC would show up on a real device. The processor may not be used on the Galaxy S4, but it may power the next iteration of Nexus 10.

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