Samsung is Considering to Use Android on Digital Cameras

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Android might one day become a popular platform for digital cameras and ‘smartcamera’ could one day become the next buzzword in the industry. Samsung is considering developing an Android-based camera operating system. Nothing is confirmed yet and it’s very early, but given Samsung’s close support for the platform, it is still a logical move.

Overall, bringing Android to digital camera is not exactly a shocking move, considering that as an open-source platform, Android can be used on any mobile devices, other than smartphones and tablets. Some digital cameras already use touchscreen viewfinder and screen as small as 2.8” can support Android well. Although prototype versions might already be under development; from a production perspective, they’re mere experiments.

Will Android bring significant benefits to users of digital camera? In general, when implemented properly, it could bring a significant breakthrough from usability standpoint, as Android can open up the camera industry to third party Android developers. One example is Facebook and Twitter apps for digital cameras that allow users to upload and share photos directly; it is also possible for users to make comments directly on the camera. Users can run photo editing apps, publish images and videos to Web based services and get firmware updates over WiFi.

Many digital cameras already use microUSB port to transfer data and Android-powered cameras can use the port to connect to modems or microphones.

From a technical standpoint, Android integration is perfectly possible, but it can bring some disadvantages to camera makers. Operating systems have some classic problems; after awhile the camera might need a reboot and they need much more powerful processors.

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