Samsung New Windows Phone

Samsung is Coming up With New Windows Phone

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Samsung New Windows PhoneSamsung is well-known as a company with adaptable business strategies, which allow them to give commendable competition to every phone vendor, including Apple. With its constant release of new mobile devices at considerably low prices, Samsung’s products attract target market from all segments. Whether it is Galaxy Tab against the iPad or Galaxy SII against iPhone 4/4S, Samsung has always offered stiff rivalry to even the largest brand in the mobile industry.

Continuing the lineage, Samsung is coming up with new smartphones using Microsoft’s mobile platform, the Windows Phone. Currently, the Windows Phone market is dominated by HTC and Nokia. A Chinese news website, WPDang, suggested that the South Korean tech giant is developing three new Windows Phone smartphones, which will be released later this year. One of the device is an LTE handset called Mandel SGH-i66, which features a WVGA display and Windows Phone 7.5 Tango (aka Refresh). The other two devices would be powered by Windows Phone Apollo.

These are not Samsung’s first Windows Phone devices; previously the company released Focus Flash and Focus S, which joined AT&T’s 3G network. Focus Flash was intended as a budget offering and with 2-year contract it is sold for a mere $49.99. The Focus S with powerful hardware and better display is offered for $199.99, also with 2-year contract.

There’s no word about detailed hardware specs for the upcoming devices, but it’s clear that Samsung needs to beat Nokia’s best bet to get some chance of success in this niche market. The Lumia 900 will have 1.4GHz single-core processor, 512Mb of RAM and 4.3” ClearBack AMOLED WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) display. Clearly, Samsung can easily come up with more powerful Windows Phones, although Nokia officials argued that a Windows Phone smartphone with processor faster than 1.4GHz would be overkill and a waste of money.

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