Samsung is Already Developing Galaxy S7 and its Variants

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Samsung Galaxy S7According to sources in South Korea, Samsung Smartphones is already developing its new high-end model, the Samsung Galaxy S7, code named Jungfrau. The company is still sticking to the 12-month refresh cycle and it has become predictable. It is claimed that Samsung is testing a mysterious device with a Qualcomm processor alongside others that have Exynos processor humming inside. If it is true, it appears that Qualcomm still maintains its partnership with Samsung Smartphones. Just like other Galaxy S-series, the S7 could still have Snapdragon and Exynos variants, depending on the market. But it is still possible that Samsung is only testing for options, before deciding on the ideal hardware configuration. This is a quite plausible scenario, but anything could happen with the “next big thing”.

The Galaxy S7 may also have additional variants and it is suggested that the visually more attractive Galaxy S7 Edge will also be released. It is possible that Samsung will not alter the classic S-series design radically and much of the improvements will happen inside. The Galaxy S7 will give some real punch and we could expect to see some outstanding specs details. Other than the ultra-powerful processor, it could also have at least 4GB of RAM. This will ensure the phone to smoothly run any games and apps in the market.

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