Samsung Illusion Review

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Whispers of Samsung Illusion first reached us in September, when a spoiler image appeared briefly on Flickr. Back then, very few details were revealed other than it’s an Android device. But, we now know that the Samsung Illusion is powered by the 1GHz Hummingbird processor. The phone also features curved glass display and 3Mp camera. The phone runs Gingerbread (Android 2.3) OS and it has an on board Swype keyboard that allows for fast, intuitive typing. Business users can get corporate email support using the Microsoft Office Exchange, which allows for the synchronization of calendars, contacts and corporate email.

The Samsung Illusion supports Mobile Hotspot capability, which can provide simultaneous wireless connection to up to five Wi-fi enabled devices. The phone comes with a 2GB internal storage and it supports up to 32GB of MicroSD card. The Illusion is equipped with compass and 6-axis accelerometers for more accurate motion sensing. Its support for Bluetooth 3.0 allows for fast data transfer and connection to peripherals. Eco-enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that the Samsung Illusion is made partially from recycled materials. The packaging is made from recycled paper, with vegetable ink instead of oil-derived ink.

Between November 24 and 28, the Samsung Illusion will be offered for free at with a 2-year service agreement. However, the phone won’t be available in stores until Q1 2012, when it will be sold for $79.99.

The Samsung Illusion requires a data plan that begins at $30 a month for 2GB of data and Verizon’s Wireless Nationwide Talk plan that starts at $39.99 per month.

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