Samsung GT-i9260

Samsung GT-i9260 is Spotted in AnTuTu Benchmark

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Samsung GT-i9260Soon after we heard about the GT-i9260, many speculated that it would be a follow up to the Galaxy Nexus, as shown by its enigmatic alphanumeric code. Just a few days ago, it became clear that the phone would bear the Samsung Galaxy Premier name with upper mid-range specs, including 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 8Mp camera, 4.65” Super-AMOLED HD display and Jelly Bean (Android 4.1).

Despite being a dual-core processor; the 1.5GHz chip was shown to be quite capable. A new model called the GT-i9268 appears on the AnTuTu benchmark result and it could be a TD-SCDMA variant bound for Chinese market. The mysterious handset scores 7,736 points and that’s a decent figure. As a comparison, the US-version Samsung Galaxy S3 with dual-core processor only got around 6,100 points and Galaxy Nexus at only 5,500 points. The quad-core Exynos processor used by the International-version of Samsung Galaxy S3 reached 13,000. As always, we should keep in mind that in some cases, these synthetic benchmark results don’t always correlate with real-life performance.

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