Samsung Galaxy 11.6

Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6

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Samsung Galaxy 11.6The Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 is a device that only exists in rumors. It is hardly surprising as there are also many other products that are still in the form of speculation in the rapidly evolving industry.  Samsung’s upcoming tablet is believed to have a resolution that’s at par with the new iPad’s Retina Display technology. The tablet is likely to be powered by the Samsung Exynos 5 dual-core processor. It should be a significant improvement over the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor used by Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The new iPad, Apple’s latest tablet, has gone live and Samsung’s response to it, is already due.

Samsung and Apple are both close partners and bitter enemies with one another. Given Samsung’s recent spates of legal battles with Apple over numerous cases of design and patent infringements, Samsung needs to work doubly hard to ensure that their tablets are received by consumers well. It is possible that the Tab 11.6 will have striking similarities to previous tab models, as the old design seemed to be able to dodge Apple’s lawsuits in many countries. However, everything is still a speculation at best and Samsung answer to the new iPad could actually sport a radical, innovative design.

The Korean electronic giant has been accused for being a fast executioner, meaning it’s only good at releasing products that roughly mimic market’s leading products, rather than working on its own iconic, unique design. A mysterious tablet is currently seen on Samsung Exynos’ official page, however this could merely a technology demonstrator, that has no resemblance whatsoever with the actual tab 11.6.

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    Samsung Tablets are really well accepted and the fact that it competes competitively in terms of price makes it more preferred.

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