Samsung Galaxy S5 May Have Built-in Fingerprint Scanner

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Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One Max and Apple iPhone 5S have embedded the fingerprint scanning sensor on their chassis and there’s a speculation that Samsung will introduce it with the upcoming Galaxy S5. A couple of months ago, we heard that Samsung had bought the Fingerprint Cards and although the actual acquisition process never took place, the company assured that a couple of Samsung’s new smartphones will implement its fingerprint scanning technology.

It’s not know whether Samsung will employ the touch-based (like the Apple iPhone 5S) or swipe-based (like the ATRIX 4G) methods, but Fingerprint Cards is hoping that Samsung will chooses it as the supplier for its fingerprint sensor technology. Samsung often acquires components from multiple suppliers, so there’s always an opportunity for a company like Fingerprint Card to be selected as a supplier for scanner sensors.

Apple’s decision to include the feature on its iPhone 5S has opened the floodgates and created a new industry. It’s quite likely that we are still at the start of the growth phase if Samsung really brings us the fingerprint capability along with the Galaxy S5. So far, Samsung hasn’t confirmed the rumor yet and the company said that it is not yet developing a homegrown version of the technology.

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