Samsung Galaxy S4 will Feature the Non-Contact, Gesture Technology

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Samsung Galaxy S4A new report surfaced recently that Samsung Galaxy S4 will employ a non-contact, gesture-based interface technology. The maXTouch Series Touch is developed by Atmel and it’s known for ease of interaction, lower power consumption and superior performance. Pantech has used a similar technology on the Vega, which employs the front-facing camera as a gesture sensor.

Although the eyesight-based technology looks quite interesting , the Pantech Vega was criticized for its excessive power usages. Samsung should’ve learned something from Pantech’s bad experience and its own gesture-based solution could be more power efficient. There’s a rumor that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be unveiled officially in the “Mobile Unpacked” event on March 15, to be held in a secret location and attended only by “trusted insiders”.

Consumers in Eastern Europe countries are said to be the first recipients of the Galaxy S4, followed by Asia and the rest of Europe. As always, the United States will lag somewhat behind as carriers need to adapt the Galaxy S4 based on their own requirements.

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