Samsung Galaxy Note – The Ultimate Creative Mobile Device

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The dynamic new Samsung GALAXY Note is the ultimate creative tool. Record and capture images in vibrant detail using the HD video recorder and 8 Megapixel camera. Read More on YouTube

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  • JB Quigley

    Ok. I have had a blackberry storm 2 for 2+ years and am ready to upgrade on Verizon. The problem is there is no phone that I want as ICE on Android is not out and I want a BIG screen that I can do EVERYTHING on. Wow the Samsung Note is what i am looking for but it isn’t in the US. China, Europe, ect gets it before we do, and that is a shame! Big Red better get this phone because if AT&T gets it then i am switching no matter that i loose my unlimited internet usage!!!! Plus, I will buy 50 phones for my business!!!! Any takers???

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