Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note Review

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Samsung Galaxy NoteThe Samsung Galaxy Note is huge enough to give us a sense of sympathy for those unfortunate enough to have smaller smartphones. The device is a pioneer in the phablet category and gave other manufacturers a compelling reason to release similar models.

The phone originally arrives with Gingerbread (Android 2.3), but ICS update has already been available. While we are supposed to be impressed by the 8Mp rear-facing camera, it seems to lag a bit when saving recently taken shots. Those wanting to take advantage of the $299 price tag (with 2-year contract agreement) from AT&T, should be prepared to handle quite a few carrier’s bloatware.

Apps like YPMobile, Social Hub, CityID and AT&T Navigator can’t be uninstalled. The S-Pen active stylus does marvelous adding pressure-sensitive capabilities into the phone. But unfortunately, the onscreen keyboard with its errant autocorrect feature can be annoying at times, for example with its tendency to leave a solitary “i” uncapitalized.

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