Samsung Galaxy Note Edge May Soon Be Available As A Limited Edition Device

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Galaxy Note EdgeWe have learned recently that Samsung is planning to release the Galaxy Note 4 phablet earlier than scheduled. However, the bent-shaped model, Galaxy Note Edge, may not arrive at the same time. In the press conference, Samsung revealed that the Note 4 will be released in South Korea in September, followed by launches in 140 different markets. Consumers in the United States will get the phablet on October 17.

D.J. Lee, the president of Samsung Electronics has said that the Note Edge should be a limited edition device with technology intensive implementations. We may see limited shipments and each country may get different release dates. In South Korea, the Galaxy Note could be sold in late October, while other countries may get the phablet in 2015.

It is also likely that the Note Edge is somewhat more expensive than standard phablets as well. Reports said that Samsung will release only one million of Galaxy Note Edge in 2014. As a comparison, the Galaxy Note 4 will be produced until up to 11 million units this year. Overall, the Galaxy Note Edge should be more complicated to manufacture than the standard Galaxy Note 4, especially because it has curved display.

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