Samsung Galaxy Note 3 May Have Plastic OLED Panel

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3We have heard that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be equipped with 6” display. But a new rumor has added an entirely new perspective to this prediction. It is believed that the Note 3 will be the first to be equipped with plastic OLED panel. The material should make the device lighter and thinner than phones using glass substrate.

SamMobile says that this allows Samsung to reduce the design thickness to 8mm, while the current Galaxy Note 2 is about 9.4mm thick. Another favorable characteristic of OLED plastic is the extra toughness. By some, plastic OLED display is actually considered as unbreakable.

Even so, there are not many things that can be considered as unbreakable in this world, the protective scratch-resistant glass may still crack when the phone is dropped. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will be unveiled at IFA 2013, which will be held on early September. The phone could be available for purchase on later date, possibly before the start of the holiday season.

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