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Samsung Galaxy Beam – Upcoming Samsung Smartphone

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Samsung Galaxy BeamSmartphones are progressively converging with other devices and offer us features previously available only on dedicated equipments. Put simply, the Samsung Galaxy Beam is handset that comes with an integrated projector. Actually, a couple of years ago, Samsung released a super-chunky projector phone also dubbed the Galaxy Beam.

The upgraded model now runs a more advanced version of Android (Android 2.3) and features a sleeker design. The phone is running a 1GHz dual-core processor and the 2000 mAh battery helps users to chug out images from the projector. The smartphone should sit nicely in your hand and the projector module is properly designed, so it won’t get in the way. The projector is fully molded into the design, so users won’t find it hampers the phone’s operation. For phone of this quality, the 12.5 mm thickness is fully acceptable and the yellow bezel gives it an overall cleaner finish. However, to make room for the projector, the headphone port is removed from the top of the phone.

The one million dollars question is, does the Samsung Galaxy Beam really work? The projector is clearly aimed for two purposes: document sharing and media playback. The former is achieved by adding a more comprehensive support for Microsoft Office and the latter is easily achieved by mimicking whatever that’s displayed on the display. The 15 lumen projected is certainly not too impressive, but it’s double the light output of the predecessor and it means the newer Beam still only works a very dark room. In real life, the beamed display looks washed in a moderately-lit room, although it’s not completely useless.

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