Samsung Focus S Review

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The Focus S does look much like Samsung’s Android flagship the Galaxy S2, especially the Skyrocket i727, which is currently available on AT&T. Overall, it has the same style, shape and bottom lip on the back. At 8.5mm, the phone also has the same thickness and its 4.3” Super-AMOLED Plus WVGA (480×800) display is a staple of the Samsung Galaxy S2 variants. Thanks to the advanced display technology, Focus S has excellent contrast levels, highest brightness, vivid colors and superb visibility under the sunlight.

Average phone users won’t have any serious complaints about the phone, but there may not be anything that can wow them either. Fans of Windows Phone 7 will find many things to like about the phone, the OS hums along very nicely and despite the mediocre pixel density, the screen can still highlight the stark beauty of Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango”, its battery life borders on monumental and a dedicated dual-stage button controls the excellent camera. Unfortunately, the build quality is somewhat mediocre and there isn’t anything distinguishing about the device that sets it apart from high-end Android phones.

One big disappointment is its price; the Samsung Focus S is available at $200 with a two-year contract, at that price level, consumers usually can get a better device. The Titan will arrive on AT&T soon offering larger screen, faster performance and a better build, perhaps at the same price. Although Focus S is still an admirable device, it isn’t the best phone you can get for the price.

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