Samsung OLED Flexible Display

Samsung Filed Trademarks for OLED-based Flexible Display

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Samsung OLED Flexible DisplayNewly filed trademarks like YOUM and WAMOLED suggest that Samsung will begin producing a flexible OLED-based display this quarter. Meaning, we may see phones with flexible display later this year. As techies and observers have been raving over devices with Retina Display; despite their huge potentials, flexible AMOLED displays are still largely ignored. Last month, Samsung filed trademarks with the Patent and Trademark Office the terms YOUM, TAMOLED, PAMOLED, FAMOLED and WAMOLED. Samsung stated that YOUM is a flexible TFT (thin film resistor) display and with a mere four layers, the display is thinner than typical LCD displays that use six layers. While common OLEDs are covered by a couple layers of rigid glass, the flexible YOUM use a thin film and plastic, contributing to its durability and light weight. Samsung even goes so far claiming the display as being unbreakable.

We have seen a number of prototypes using the flexible display and recently we have also witnessed a flexible e-paper display developed by LG. However, the extent to which these flexible displays can be employed in our lives doesn’t only extend to just computers and mobile devices. As a matter of fact, the South Korean company has drafted a mock up, in which allows the display to revolutionize many parts of our lives. Flexible displays can be used on camcorder, TV, fridge, musical instrument and even umbrella. Current mobile displays are inflexible and they sit behind a layer of glass and in the near future we may begin to see the first crop of mobile devices that boasts flexible displays.

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