Samsung Smart Skin Technology

Samsung Filed a Patent on Smart Skin Technology

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Samsung Smart Skin TechnologyIn the highly competitive mobile industry, many manufacturers have been showing their creative juices lately. After patented the innovative flexible display technology, Samsung filed another marvelous patent, a new technology, called the “smart skin”. It could be used on future Samsung phones and allows users to dynamically and instantly change the appearance of their phones. The technology is essentially an extension of the display to the side, rear and bezel. In essence, smart skin nearly changes a phone into an all-display device, which can bring an entirely new meaning to screen real estate and personalization. It will address a number of limitations that are currently experienced by users regarding to phone design and usages. It also allows high resolution images to be extended and the phone can effectively take advantage of the extra screen real estate.

The technology can be implemented as accessory, instead of being permanently integrated into the phone. The patent document illustrates that a film layer is attached on the device, leaving holes for the main display and cameras, just like normal cases for a smartphone. The film layer will be linked to the internal hardware and synchronized with the main display. At this stage no one knows exactly how the technology will be implemented, but some analysts raised concern about its effect on the battery life. The film layer needs to dynamically match itself with the brightness and sharpness of the main display; which makes it noteworthy to consider the consequences. No matter how innovative and interesting the technology might seem, there will be some drawbacks. We should wait until more details are revealed and whether the technology will push through as many similarly innovative technologies in the past, have never been implemented.

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  • Cheryl Lucia

    The “smart skin” would be a sweet feature, but I agree with your consensus that it may be a major drain on the battery. Is giving your phone the appearance of an image 24/7 worth having to recharge your phone every three to six hours? Mobile phone manufacturers suggest turning off your phone’s back light, turning the brightness of the display to the lowest setting possible, and limiting the use of animated backgrounds as those things will drain the battery faster. Imagine the battery drain of maintaining an image on a film layer attached on the device. I think it would be a nice novelty feature, but not terribly practical for daily use.

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