Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Deliberately Developed Three Different Version of Galaxy S3 to Prevent Leaks

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Samsung Galaxy S3Other than the rumored iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly one of the most hyped devices this year. The media was under such great pressure to provide reliable leaked details long before the official announcement. But how did the South Korean manufacturer manage to keep the Galaxy S3 secret? It involved security measures straight out of a spy movie as explained by the company’s representatives now that the highly anticipated handset has finally landed.

In order to cut information leaks, Samsung designated a special team to work on the Galaxy S3, instead of employing the entire R&D department. This strategy is necessary to keep the phone top secret all the way and it worked. The Galaxy S3 was developed in a dedicated lab where only people with adequate security clearance can enter. Various parts and prototypes were placed inside security-escorted boxes, even if they are just to be transported across the hallway. It is also interesting to note that Samsung developed three different versions of the phone to fool anyone attempting to take a glimpse on the real prototype. Samsung also took great care on the logistics operations with special teams doing thorough examination to prevent industrial espionage and theft.

Samsung Galaxy SIII: Hands-on Video

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