Samsung Becomes the Largest Semiconductor Buyer in 2012

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Samsung Semiconductor BuyerAgain, Samsung surges past Apple in one more industry metric and it has become the biggest buyer of chip in 2012. The South Korean company shelled out $23.9 billion on chips in the 2012. Together with Apple, both have gobbled up fifteen percent of all semiconductor spending last year. Apple is trailing closely behind with $21.4 billion of mobile chip spending. While Apple and Samsung each grow their semiconductor spending with each new year; many major PC makers are going to the other direction.

Things are getting more difficult for much of the computing world as they experience competition from mobile devices and weak macroeconomic condition. While laptops and desktops are still irreplaceable for many computing tasks, those wanting to get ultra-portable devices for basic tasks would likely choose a smartphone or tablet than a laptop. Dell and Hewlett Packard have significantly reduced their semiconductor spending by about 13 percent last year. A few other companies that increase their year-over-year spending are Lenovo and Sony.

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