Samsung Vlingo Blocks S Voice

Samsung and Vlingo Blocks the Use of S Voice

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Samsung Vlingo Blocks S VoiceSamsung Galaxy SIII handsets already exist in unspecified storage areas somewhere in the wild and the South Korean company announced that the phone will be arriving on major retail channels in May 29th. Previously, the APK file of Flipboard was leaked from the smartphone and over the weekend, Samsung’s voice assistant called S-Voice was available for download, which can be used on any phone running Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0). Obviously, Samsung isn’t amused by this development and it has blocked its use. The APK file of S Voice was unofficially released over the weekend and it appears to work on any ICS device while offering features similar to Siri. Users can shout “Hi Galaxy” to wake the phone up and perform many voice-based functions such as looking up the weather and performing search engine queries.

Unfortunately, if you haven’t tried it yet, the free ride is officially over. Vlingo, the company behind S Voice, disabled the server side supports and anyone speaking to the S Voice will be notified with a network error message. Experienced Android users in XDA-Developers have also confirmed that audio requests aren’t being processed by Vlingo’s servers.

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