Samsung Apple Patent Settlements

Samsung and Apple May Soon Agree for Patent Settlements

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Samsung Apple Patent SettlementsTop executives at Samsung and Apple have talked recently about possible patent settlements. It appears, Tim Cook, Apple’s current CEO, doesn’t share his predecessor’s determination to lay all rivals to waste. Although the company is viewing litigation as necessary, the company may no longer be passionate about making too many enemies.

In April 2011, Apple sued the Korean company in US court, alleging that Samsung and its Galaxy smartphones and tablets violated Apple’s trademark and patents. Samsung later countersued the iPhone maker and pit against its nemesis in many courts around the world.

Other than Samsung, numerous lawsuits have also been filed against other major manufacturers like Motorola and HTC, which are other major proxies of the competing mobile platform, Google’s Android. In his official biography, Steve Jobs said that he would obliterate Android, because he considered it a stolen product.  He was willing to spend his last dying breath on the cause and even spend all Apple’s money to right a situation he believed to be wrong.

Many experts believe that the passing of Steve Jobs might have saved the tech industry from an even more intense legal battles and distractions that would ultimately affect end users.  The settlement process between Samsung and Apple may be resolved like similar ligation in the desktop computer industry.

15 years ago, Microsoft agreed to invest $150.million in apple as a conclusion to the long-standing dispute over allegations that Windows OS infringed on Apple’s Mac OS designs and patents. Even if Apple and Samsung finally agree for a truce, the competition between the Android and Apple’s iOS is nowhere near resolution. In a fight for global domination, the two major mobile platforms along with Microsoft’s Windows Phone, are all gearing up for future battles over upcoming smart devices, including smart TV’s.

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