Samsung and Apple are Planning to Meet for Settlement Talks

Samsung and Apple are Planning to Meet for Settlement Talks

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Samsung and Apple are Planning to Meet for Settlement TalksSamsung and Apple have agreed to meet for a settlement talk. This is a partially voluntary meeting and we shouldn’t be too hopeful for a complete settlement. Similar efforts for settlement have failed in the past and there’s no guarantee that this latest attempt will become a speed-bump for the current legal process or help usher in the end of the long, costly patent war in the mobile industry. A settlement effort in an ongoing lawsuit may serve as a template for other legal battles to copy, so it is still a hope worth clinging to. Despite the semi-voluntary nature of this meeting, there is still a room for both companies to wiggle by making some compromises.

The late Steve Jobs started the conflict, by targeting the South Korean company, Samsung, in a bid to disrupt or even destroy the open source environment that Google had established. Court proceedings were started about one year ago and the conflict results in a global rush for intellectual property and patent claiming. Now the lawsuits between Samsung and Apple have spread over dozens of cases and into four different continents. Apple prevailed in some suits and sales injunctions were imposed against Samsung. In turn, Apple suffered rare defeat late last year and Samsung was allowed to resume selling its tablets in Australia.

However, Tim Cook is now at the helm and the war of attrition is costing both companies dearly, consequently he might want to end what Steve Jobs set out to achieve.

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