Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Adds Multi-Windows Capability to Galaxy Note 2

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Samsung Galaxy Note 2After it was reported that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 ships without the multi-window mode as demonstrated previously in Korea, it appears a new update has been rolled out. Samsung has delivered the newest XXALIJ1 update for Galaxy Note 2 and it adds the ability to run multiple apps independent of each other. Users can resize their windows as they see fit. Given the large 5.5” display, it is possible to run two apps at once without ruining user experience. The multi-windows capability was introduced first in Galaxy Note 10.1, but it can only run six apps. On the Galaxy Note 2, any app can work and users can perform hot swap easily.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will be released in the US at mid-November. As we are inching to the actual release date, we earn more about the new device and this could be Samsung’s greatest smartphone to date. The Galaxy Note 2 will feature a new S-pen and a new version of Pop-up Play.

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