S Voice Working On Any Android 4.0 Device

S Voice is Now Working Again on Any Android 4.0 Device

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S Voice Working On Any Android 4.0 DeviceS Voice is the most innovative app of Samsung Galaxy S3 and it was ported and hacked to other ICS smartphones last week. Unfortunately, the joy was short-lived when the South Korean company figured it out, which resulted in the blockage of access to servers required to run the virtual assistant service. Surprisingly, the leaked app is working again on any ICS smartphone.

The S Voice is essentially a significantly updated version of the same app found currently on Galaxy S2. Virtual assistants are widely popular in the smartphone market after the release of Siri on iPhone 4S. Samsung wants S Voice to do virtually anything that Siri does. You can take pictures, open apps, organize meetings, check weather, text a friend and place a call on voice guidance. We compare Siri and S Voice in our previous post.

The reactivation of the service coincided with the release of the International version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and it is not yet known whether the service will continue to work. If you have an ICS smartphone, you can download the leaked .apk file in the XDA Developer forum and make sure your phone accept apps from unknown sources.

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