Rooted BlackBerry PlayBook Revealed

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If the HP TouchPad taught anything, it is that people can easily forget the iPad, if a non-iOS tablet is offered at dirt-cheap prices. One rule always applies in the tech industry; consumers are looking for products that offer the highest value, a ratio between feature and price. RIM has made a big move by slashing the price of BlackBerry PlayBook significantly, which resulted in quick sales in some retail stores. Over the past few weeks, RIM is working hard to get more tablets into the customers’ hands and in some cases; users only need to spend $189 to get a PlayBook. Initially, the tablets actually sell quite well, with about 50,000 units sold on launch day. It was first reported that almost 2.5 million were sold on the Q2 2011, however the company revised it to 800,000 units and the company only shipped 200,000 on the same quarter.

Now that interest among developers is picking up, they start to root the tablet. Unfortunately, this is not something that can get users excited about just yet. Rooting a PlayBook is not straightforward and CyanogenMod won’t run in it. However, this is still a significant step, because the root allows an elevated permission and paves the way for further hacking advances. Soon, a rooting tool will be released under the name DingleBerry, which ensure permanent rooted condition. It is expected that the package will be compatible with all BlackBerry OS versions including the latest BlackBerry OS 2.0 beta. Apparently, it takes significant price cuts to convince hackers to set about developing a root for the BlackBerry Playbook.

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