Nvidia Tegra 4 Roadmap

Roadmap for Nvidia Tegra 4 is Leaked

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Nvidia Tegra 4 RoadmapThe 1.4GHz quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 Tegra 3 processor is the king of the hill and as of late, it is getting all the attention. While we have been comparing Nvidia Tegra 3 with competitors’ offerings, a new document was leaked recently showing off the possible roadmap for Tegra 4 that will come later this year. The Tegra 3 platform is still a new thing in the industry and Nvidia has already got something big in the works. Nvidia’s CEO recently promised that a new Tegra platform will be released each year and according to the leaked information, it appears to be the case. The roadmap shows what is in store for us in 2013, with four different releases. The speed varies between 1.2 to 2.0 GHz and the last release, called SP3X will support LTE connectivity.

The current Nvidia Tegra 3 is consisted of four separate A9 cores and it makes sense to expect the next iteration to have four A15 cores. As the next generation platform, the Tegra 4 will enter the market along with the Samsung Exynos and Qualcomm S4. While Nvidia’s more detailed plan for the 2013 is still relatively a mystery, this roadmap gives us a glimpse on what we may get.  It is also important to note that the LTE version of Tegra 4 will come pretty late in the game, which is a bit disappointing as early Tegra 4 devices may not support 4G LTE connectivity. For many, Tegra 3 performance is a bit disappointing; as a comparison the performance of A5X comes out far ahead on several tests, such as GLBenchmark 2.1.

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