RingPlus Starts to Offer Free Ad-Supported Plan

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RingPlus Phone PlansWith its $49 per month Unlimited Ultra Plan that offers unlimited talk time and text messages, as well as 1GB of data; RingPlus looks like a typical Sprint MNVO. But, what makes the MNVO interesting is that users can get 50 free text messages or 300 minutes of talk time by listening to specific advertising messages. The carrier plays the ads when the call is being placed and before the called party answers.

When subscribers use more than 300 minutes of talk time and 50 text messages, the overage rate of 2 cents per minute or text message applies. It’s a bit unclear how much RingPlus charges for data, since it says only “2 cents per…data”, but this may mean 2 cents per MB.

The plan applies for any Sprint handsets with no active plans from the carrier. However, iPhone users are not eligible for the ad-supported plan. Unfortunately, press releases said that the free plan will be available only for a specified number of subscribers.

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