BlackBerry Prototype Model

RIM Will Release BlackBerry Prototype Model in May

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BlackBerry Prototype ModelRIM (Research In Motion Ltd.) plans to release a prototype model for the BlackBerry platform in May this year. It signals that RIM is one step closer to debuting a phone model the company is betting on reinvigorating the sales. RIM will distribute as many as two thousands test models of BlackBerry 10 in Orlando, Florida, which are designed specifically to allow third party developers to build apps using RIM’s operating system. For RIM, it’s is huge step on their path to eventually releasing BlackBerry 10 and can be considered as a tangible evidence of the phone maker making real progress towards delivering real handsets. RIM is counting on its future BlackBerry 10 lineup and it is based on QNX, a software RIM purchased in 2010. In recent quarters, RIM’s sales have slumped noticeably, especially in the United States, its most competitive and largest market. An increasing number of RIM consumers abandoned BlackBerry for Android and Apple that offer more consumer apps and services. However, RIM warned that the test model design will be very different from the actual device and it’s not indicative of what the actual user experience will be on the BlackBerry 10. The company said that the first new smartphone will go on sale in the second half of 2012.

The stocks of Waterloo-based company fell 75 percent last year and are already down nearly 6 percent this year. RIM desperately needs to generate buzz with developers and consumers who slowly drifted away to other platforms, IDC and Appcelerator revealed in a study that only 16 percent of developers were eager to develop apps for BlackBerry compared to iOS 89 percent and Android 79 percent. May 2012 would be significant for RIM as the BlackBerry World Conference will be held in Orlando alongside the BlackBerry Jam event.

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