RIM Reveals Why It Didn’t Choose Android

RIM Reveals Why It Didn’t Choose Android

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RIM Reveals Why It Didn’t Choose AndroidMany have urged RIM to abandon the BlackBerry OS and use Android instead, but recently, RIM’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, explained why the company is avoiding the seemingly obvious route.

He said that RIM took the conscious decision not to choose Android, because the company saw very little room to wiggle in the OS’ ecosystem. Although people are slowly leaving BlackBerry, the proprietary OS still gives RIM a better opportunity.

Looking at disappointing earnings of some Android device manufacturers, such as HTC, we can’t really blame those who choose to avoid the Android pile-on. There’s only one slot for the top Android manufacturer, which is being strongly held by Samsung and no one will be unseating the South Korean company anytime soon.  Some also argue that RIM has better position in introducing Windows 8 devices to enterprise users than Nokia, while the Finnish company is struggling to maintain its consumers. A Windows Phone 8 device combined with RIM’s unique services such as BlackBerry Messaging could be irresistible for many businesspeople due to the added capability of the seamless integration with Windows 8 on PCs.


  • Walter

    I am a disappointing Blackberry user(15 plus years). I was about to jump ship next month. After reading this I may wait for the new Blackberry/Windows8 format. I will be waiting.

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