BlackBerry 10 Devices

RIM Revealed Early Details on BlackBerry 10 Devices

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BlackBerry 10 DevicesThe development team of BlackBerry 10 OS released hardware specifications and user interface of handsets that will run the new OS. L-Series and N-Series will be RIM’s next pet project and they will run BlackBerry 10. The former is internally codenamed BlackBerry London and what was revealed by the team is much better than details given by previous rumors. L-Series is purely touch-based models with 1280 x 768 resolution and 356 ppi pixel density, which more than rival Retina Display used by latest iOS devices.

As for the Blackberry Nevada or N-series, models included in this series are BlackBerry 10 devices with QWERTY keyboard. Apparently RIM isn’t ready to betray its root and take the full-touchscreen route yet. This would mean smaller display and resolution, there’s also a speculation that these phone will use OLED components. There’s no word on release data and pricing, but it’s expected that L-series phones will arrive this September and with N-series at Q1 2013.

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