RIM Receives Patent for Ergonomic Angled Keyboard

RIM Receives Patent for Highly Accurate, Ergonomic Angled Keyboard

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RIM Receives Patent for Ergonomic Angled KeyboardA new patent has been granted to RIM for a unique type of physical QWERTY keyboard that allegedly can improve the typing accuracy. The patent description is associated with an angular keyboard that can be used for mobile phones. Keys are ergonomically angled towards right and left from the center line. The diagonal key arrangement allows users to strike the keys more naturally. In addition, the keyboard design allows them to type with a higher degree of ease and accuracy.

The keyboard is shaped to provide intuitive feel through substantially parallelogram shapes and semi cylindrical cross-sectional shapes. It’s little ironic that the patent is granted when the company is gradually moving towards keyboard-less design. The upcoming BlackBerry OS will be company’s first platform to be fully optimized for touch-only phones. However, RIM has made it quite clear that the company is not abandoning its trademark keyboard-phone design and it’s still possible for a BlackBerry 10 devices to feature a physical QWERTY.

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