RIM May Be Planning to Split Itself in Two

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The Sunday Times and Reuters reported recently that the Canadian company, RIM is considering for a major split. One part would manage the now ailing device manufacturing business, while another will try to capitalize on the still-popular messaging service. Once the split is completed; the company may consider selling the former and focuses itself to BBM.

There’s also a speculation that RIM will eventually part ways with its messaging service or work with rivals like Google and Apple as a way to generate more income.

Above solutions might be a lot better than being kicked around in the hyper-competitive mobile industry. RIM once dominated the global smartphone market, but now it is declining to a single digit contender. In Q10 2011, the Blackberry’s maker still commanded a modest market share of 13.6 percent, but at this year’s first quarter, company’s slice has shrunk to a mere 6.7 percent.

Word had leaked out that Nokia, Microsoft and Amazon had considered acquiring RIM. With its stock price at an 8-year low and sales declined significantly, Chapter 11 filling could be just around the corner. It seems something big will happen to the Research In Motion this year.

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